Movements of Magicalness


a book of hope through global challenges

Co-created by Debs Prior and Barbi Larkins

SHE belongs everywhere and is of all things.
She comes with Movements of Magicalness,
to remind us of our beauty, our stillness and our connection to all life.

This book is for 7-14 year olds, and for all who are young at heart! It brings messages of Oneness, Mindfulness, for finding stillness and strength within, in these times of great change on our planet.

Its about discovering the beauty and power inside, the magic and the mystery. It introduces a simple but beautiful moving meditation to bring in to daily living.

Its about caring for all of life, knowing our deep connection to each other and all living beings. For knowing this life is sacred, its about honour and respect. Each page introduces new characters who are facing global challenges, but who are discovering this magic within.

Join our friends here and discover the magic in your life. Give thanks for this discovery, live the magic, enjoy your life, be kind and spread the love. And share your Movements of Magicalness. ❤️


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Hi! I’m Debs.

❤️ Six years ago I was with a group of people who visited South Africa for a few weeks, to share a powerful moving meditation. We stayed in Cape Town and were taken in to the townships to connect with various amazing community projects. Three of us from the group ended up staying 3 months, working with a small muslim drug rehab centre and visiting primary schools in the area. What amazing people, in such adverse conditions! I was constantly amazed at how deeply this moving meditation touched people.

❤️ It was these powerful heart connections that inspired me to write this book. I found a beautiful artist in New Zealand who was inspired by the project and so ‘Movements of Magicalness’ came in to being.

My name is Barbi. I believe in magic.

Magic surrounds us everyday, if we choose to take the time to look. You can feel it in the rush of the wind as it dances with you. You can hear it whisper to you through the trees. You can see it in the eyes of a friend.

I paint a wide variety of subjects in an almost equally wide variety of styles. I paint life both as I see it and as I imagine it. Life is eclectic. I like it that way.

Debs contacted me after seeing some of my more whimsical paintings in an exhibition in Christchurch. After an initial discussion, we knew we were onto something. 

From an illustration standpoint, it was an amazing collaboration. We started with some text and a single sketch. After that, the book took on a life of its own.

But then, life is what it’s all about.